Accompaniment and monitoring



PAN-SOY continuously accompanies the Recipient Communities in each region of intervention by:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the nutritional and productive indicators in the recipient population.The Territorial Coordinators accompany, assess, advise and inform the Recipient Communities at any time along their way as part of PAN-SOY.
  • Advising the groups responsible for Plant management in terms of gourmet-business matters.
  • Identifying the accomplishments and/or weaknesses and recommending corrective measures to optimize results.
  • Gathering relevant information on the Program and the environment in order to report to our sponsors, supporters and general public.

The Territorial Coordinators are in charge of the monitoring and accompaniment of the Managers in their enterprises. They have a close and personalized relationship with the Managers, each one of them is continuously in touch with the person in charge of their Plants in order to solve doubts and worries, to celebrate success and ensure the sustainable growth of their micro-enterprises.

On the other hand, the different area Collaborators of PAN-SOY make sure that the products of the Plants are appropriately promoted according to the regions of origin, through fairs, campaigns, the Internet and social networking sites.

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