At the beginning of 2010 and with the help of my friend, Dr. Antonio Ciudad,
we created in Lima the NGO PAN-SOY, Program of Nutritional Support based on Soya.
Besides the nutritional aspect of the program, the idea was to put our managerial experience at the disposal of the most vulnerable. We give them the necessary resources in order that they may, in turn, be successful in the implementation of their own businesses and are therefore able to share it durably with their respective communities.
Since then, PAN-SOY is growing exponentially, thanks to the help of all, donors, beneficiaries and collaborators, whose commitment allows to constantly improve the quality of what we offer.

Christophe Ricard
President – Founder

Vision and purpose


Discover the very essence of PAN-SOY: who we are, what we do and what our direction is.

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The challenges, objectives and achievements we have to reach in order to change the reality of our Communities. Read more

Principles and values

Principios y valores

Discover the foundations of PAN-SOY, an innovative and sustainable alternative to fight malnutrition. Read more

Our commitments


People are the driving force of our work, and this is only possible thanks to the commitment of both PAN-SOY and its Collaborators.

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