At the beginning of 2010 and with the help of my friend, Dr. Antonio Ciudad, we created in Lima the NGO PanSoy, Programme of Nutritional Support based on Soya.

Besides the nutritional aspect of the programme, the idea was to put our managerial experience at the disposal of the most vulnerable. We give them the necessary resources in order that they may, in turn, be successful in the implementation of their own businesses and are therefore able to share it durably with their respective communities.

Since then, PanSoy is growing exponentially, thanks to the help of everyone involved: donors, beneficiaries and collaborators, whose commitment permits the constant improvement of the quality of what we offer.

Christophe Ricard

President – Founder

Board of Directors

Christophe Ricard
President – Founder

Antonio Ciudad Reynaud
Vice President

Jazmine Casafranca Aguilar
Executive Director


The Nutritional Support Programme Based on Soya, PanSoy, is a private initiative of social responsibility, a non-profit organization, engaged in providing an alternative of nutritional support, based on soya to the most socially vulnerable communities of Peru.

The programme also provides supplies and appropriate training to the communities involved, in order to contribute to the generation of their own income, and ultimately, improve their living conditions in a self-supportive and sustainable manner.



PanSoy aspires, in the communities in which they intervene, to:

  • Improve levels of nutrition.
  • Improve the quality of life.
  • Pursue self-sustainment in Plant operation and management.
  • Contribute to the commercialisation of gastronomic, healthy and economical food products.
  • Achieve excellence in the proposed working model, facilitating replication
  • Create opportunities for development
  • Contribute to the self-sustainability of each Plant



PanSoy considers quality as a key element of its success. Thus, the institution commits to:

• Respect legislation and prevent risks in the sectors of health, safety and the environment.

• Ensure an optimal quality for its products and services.

• Investigate the lasting satisfaction of its clients, partners and Collaborators, through a permanent dialogue.

• To fulfill the commitments assumed with the clients and the requirements defined by the institution.

• Promote continuous improvement in all its domains of activity through precise objectives, indicators that can be measured and a process oriented management system.

• Optimize the use of all resources at its disposal.



    • Deliver each year a minimum of 30 new soya-processing semi-industrial Plants to the associations who comply with all the stipulated prerequisites.
    • Equip the micro-enterprises integrated into the Programme with adequate training and monitoring.
    • Guarantee that each micro-enterprise delivers a minimum of 100 free daily rations to the people most in need in their area, mainly children.
    • Propose business strategies for the best possible management of the Plants and successful sale of products.
    • Create a network of successful and socially responsible micro-enterprises that increases each year.