How to apply to PAN-SOY:

Do you want to share your profits with those who have less? Do you want to set up a gastronomic business and do not have the capital to do it?

  1. Form a committed and enterprising team: join people like you, with the ambition of creating a gastronomic and socially responsible company, donating a minimum of one hundred daily rations to people in need in your community.
  2. Get to know us: contact the territorial coordination team of your region and attend an information session to learn about the requirements, achievements and commitments of PAN-SOY in your area.
  3. Get a location: this environment must be adequate to install the Plant, work comfortably and in good/hygienic conditions, in order to produce and sell quality products.
  4. Establish yourself formally: present the documents that prove that your group is legally constituted or institutionally recognized.
  5. Certify yourself: make sure that you have a valid health card.
  6. Complete the application folder: fill out the forms together with your work team and your strategic partner.
  7. Attend a demonstration session: this will be useful to answer any questions you may have and return the application folder in a timely manner.
  8. Support the business plan: introduce yourself and your work team to the representatives of PAN-SOY, in order to present your socially responsible gastronomic business plan, alongside your strategic partner.

What do the PAN-SOY micro-entrepreneurs earn?

The PAN-SOY micro-entrepreneurs earn both economically and personally.

  1. Economic: the more effort you put in, the more you earn! With more products sold, there is more economic gain for the micro-enterprise.
  2. Personal: a great personal gain comes directly from the community, because the investment is ultimately for its growth.

With your work, you will contribute to the development of your community!