We’d like to explain the nutritional components of processed soybeans and the main production areas in Peru.

Why a Nutrition Support Programme based on soya?

Soya is an economic and efficient nutritional supplement, specifically for communities in need. This superfood contains 30% protein, 20% fat and 36% carbohydrates. Overall, soya has a higher protein level than meat and fish and is easy to digest.

Because it is a complete food, low cost and versatile, soya is a nutritional supplement capable of providing the full range of essential amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins that the body cannot produce and are essential in all the constructive functions of the body, such as growth, the formation of tissues and the prevention of diseases.

Among others, soya has valuable properties for human beings, such as reducing cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood, assisting in building muscle tissue, as well as being totally lactose-free.

Source: Informe de Ensayos Físico – Químicos realizados a solicitud de PanSoy en La Molina Calidad Total Laboratorios. Universidad Nacional Agraria. Lima, 2011



Due to the fact that each of the PanSoy micro-enterprises is committed to the development of their communities, each one shares their profits in order to cover the donation of 100 free rations every day. The preparations are highly nutritious, as their main components are soya and ingredients local to each region.

Considering the negative impact caused by a poor diet on human development, the objective of each PanSoy micro-enterprise’s social responsibility is to strengthen the nutrition of the beneficiaries through:

  • The delivery of a food ration that increases the daily intake of energy, proteins and other nutrients.
  • The promotion of healthy eating habits.

The nutritional supplement or PanSoy ration was developed with the purpose of making up for the nutritional deficiencies of a population in need and provides 15% of the daily nutritional requirement in relation to an adequate diet, depending on the age and condition of the beneficiaries. The ration is mainly given to children, adolescents, seniors and people with disabilities.

Characteristics of the PanSoy ration:

  • Contains soybean extract and bagasse produced by the PanSoy Plant.
  • Combine easy-to-buy, low-cost ingredients from local markets.
  • The elaboration procedure is simple.
  • It has a pleasant flavour and presentation in order to stimulate its consumption.
  • It is presented both practically for its distribution and attractively for the beneficiary.
  • It is served in adequate quantities for consumption and transportation.



The recipes of the PanSoy rations are not only nutritious, balanced, incorporate ingredients that are easy to acquire and have a simple preparation, but are also delicious, in order to facilitate their consumption.