By becoming a strategic associate


The Strategic Associates of PAN-SOY are well-established institutions with great careers and credibility, in order to encourage the development of micro-enterprises.

Today we hold more than 90 agreements signed with public and private organizations and with whom we interact continuously.

Therefore, the result from our commitment and union between the team responsible of each Plant, its Associate and PAN-SOY, is what makes our work successful.

What are the main roles of the Strategic Associates?

  • Identify socially organized Communities and introduce to PAN-SOY the ones fitting the requirements.
  • Take charge of the commitment by signing the Cooperation Agreement to support the Program and the Community in:
    • Guiding the appropriate identification of the 100 beneficiaries, mainly school age children who will receive the daily free nutritious helping
    • Orienting the line of business in each micro-enterprise, mainly by finding long-lasting markets to increase sales
    • Accompanying and monitoring, together with PAN-SOY, by appointing a person responsible for each Community
    • Producing regular reports to identify problems and to adapt the corrective measures


Each organization which takes part must be “lead by the hand” and introduced to PAN-SOY by a local Associate which can provide a well-developed and active accompaniment as well as  monitoring during all stages of PAN-SOY intervention.


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