By creating your business

The following infographic is available only in spanish.

The Communities which apply to PAN-SOY must be composed of people with a great entrepreneurial spirit, gift of serving and who see the Program as an opportunity to generate their own employment. In the organization of the human group as well as teamwork lie the key of success and sustainability for a micro-enterprise. For that reason, it is highly important to have a good personal and working relationship.

PAN-SOY has planned to support communities whose characteristics include:

  • Having a local availability of soy.
  • Be located in an accessible area for the Accompaniment by the Program.

If the institutions interested in creating a PAN-SOY micro-enterprise are located outside of our actual regions of intervention (Cusco, Junín, San Martín, Piura, Ica, or Lima) it is necessary to count on a number of applications that guarantees a minimum of 10 Plants.


For more information, please consult the Guide of Requirements for applying to PAN-SOY.