Nutritional information



Why a nutritional support program based on soya?

Soya is an important resource when seeking efficient and economic alternatives, acting as a nutritional supplement, especially for the most vulnerable communities. It contains 30% of protein, 20% of fat and 36% of carbohydrates, i.e more than meat and fish, of excellent quality and digestibility.
The use of soya in human nutrition has many objectives. Ours is to turn it into a nutritional supplement since it is so complete, low cost, high performance and greatly versatile. It supplies a full range of essential amino acids, hydrocarbons and vitamins that the body cannot produce, and that are essential to all bodily functions of the human being, essential to growth, tissue forming and disease prevention. Soya intake reduces cholesterol, triglycerides in the blood stream, increases attention span, helps build muscle tissue, contains fatty acids and essential amino acids, as well as being lactose free.

Nutritional components of processed soya



Source: Report about Physical and Chemical Tests made upon the request of PAN-SOY in Calidad Total Laboratories, La Molina in the National Agrarian University, Lima, 2011.