Continuous training


What follows the commitment with PAN-SOY?

  • Three members of each Plant take part in the Gastronomic-Business Class (GBC – Curso Gastronómico-Empresarial, CGE) in order to become a food-processing enterprise of social responsibility
  • The Managers are trained in Human Development, Socially Responsible Business Management, Proper Practices of Food Handling (PPH – Buenas Prácticas de Manipulación de Alimentos, BPM), Marketing and Sales Techniques, Costs and Gastronomy (Peruvian Cuisine and Commercial Pastry), nutrition and PAN-SOY nutritious helpings, management indicators and monitoring data sheets which are due monthly.

Beyond an essential training, the pupils interact with other Managers while practicing the handling, the production and the transport of food, as well as doing the presentation of the cleaning and disinfection personalized scheme which is checked regularly.

Along the way of entrepreneurship with PAN-SOY, they receive continuous trainings and talks about nutrition; they keep their knowledge up to date, validate their recipes, and take part in classes about digital communication and many more advantages.

PAN-SOY carries out informative and demonstrative sessions in the regions of intervention, to train the Communities to:

  • Acknowledge the running of the soy-processing Plant, its components, functions, and times of production as well as the proper maintenance needed.
  • Master the procedures for producing extract, bagasse and soya grain.
  • Acquire skills for creating nutritional and tasty combinations based on soya, while complying with the proper hygiene and food-handling practices.
  • Acknowledge the costs and yield of soya and develop other skills related with effective economic potential.
  • Apply the Gastronomic-Business Class once the community has complied with all the requirements.


Hundreds of men and women are the essence of the entire project, without their dedication it would not be possible. Here they are.