Working capital


In order to receive the working capital under a commodatum the Organization will have to finalize the application process by committing to create a socially responsible business to fight malnutrition. They need to have premises at hand, suitable to install the food-processing machinery and to comply with the proper practices of food handling, also the Organization needs to be legally recognized with a valid safety permit, its managers are required to attend a Demonstrative Session, to present a business plan with a sales forecast and a plan for social responsibility, to fill out the PAN-SOY Application Folder and to present their plans before the representatives of the Program in order to be accepted by PAN-SOY.

Each micro-enterprise receives a food-processing Plant under a commodatum (a gratuitous assignment for its use) which is composed of four elements:

  • One semi-industrial kitchen with two-burner stove and two frying plates.
  • One semi-industrial high speed blender with a stainless steel axle (1.0 HP, 220 volts) and a pulley system with guides and cables to lift the engine of the blender.
  • One pastry oven working with low pressure propane gas along with two stainless steel grills and eight trays for baking.
  • One freezer
  • One working table.

Along with the PAN-SOY food-processing Plant, the Program provides, for one time only, 400 kg of natural Peruvian soy as start-up capital.

Counting eight hours of work per day, the Plants of PAN-SOY achieve levels of massive production, making possible the commercial success of the micro-enterprises, therefore becoming a lever for promoting development and guaranteeing self-sustainability of our Plants.

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